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Salon de noble

Matcha Flower Oil

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Matcha Flower Oil is an oil with a scent similar to roses and jasmine, produced by fermentation of essences from camellia or matcha tea flowers. Large amount of "saponin" which can be found in tea leaves, tea seeds and tea flowers. Research suggests that Saponin found in tea flowers gave the best efficiency.

"Saponin" act like gentle natural soap which helps balance the skin, reduces bacteria and adds moisture to the skin. Helps the skin to be radiant, tight and firm. It also helps fight allergies.

Matcha Flower Oil is recommended to be used together with Real Beuate to maximize nourishment and moisture to the skin

This is a seasonal product and available only once a year from December.

Squalane, Tea Flower Extract

How to use

หยด Real Beaute ลงบนฝ่ามือ ขนาดประมาณเหรียญ 10 บาท หลังจากนั้นหยด Matcha Flower Oil 1 หยด ผสมกัน ค่อยๆอังลงบนผิวให้ทั่วหน้า 2-3 ครั้ง

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Matcha Flower Oil